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Dolmen de Bouery

Archeological vestiges | MAILHAC SUR BENAIZE | 05 55 76 92 66

The dolmen Bouery (one of the largest in the department) is located on the town of Mailhac on Benaize north of the Haute Vienne.

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Pierre Bourdan's stele

Patrimoine de mémoire | LE BOURG D'HEM | 05 55 62 16 57

Nephew of the painter impressionistic comment Fernand Maillaud, Pierre Maillaud, famous resistant French, announcer with Radio London during the Second World War takes Pierre Bourdan's pen nam…

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Limoges City Hall

Monuments | LIMOGES | 05 55 45 60 00

Limoges City Hall wasinaugurated in 1883. The fact that it was built in the spot where an Antique Forum used to be, is a surprising coincidence. Architect Charles-Alfred Leclerc drew his insp…

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Pont du Saillant

Bridges and civil engineering structures | VOUTEZAC

Medieval bridge of the 16th century " in beaks " on Vézère with six ogivales arcs.

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La cour du Temple

Monuments | LIMOGES

La cour du Temple (Temple's court) is connected to rue du Consulat by a corridor (at street n°22). It opens up onto a lovely ensemble with half timbered houses, a granite private mansion, gall…

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L'ancien cimetière

Bridges and civil engineering structures | SAINT CHRISTOPHE

Opposite "Marie-Louise", the belltower, a path leads to the remains of a cemetary (several graves). Of particular interest is that of Doctor Villard, a local figure and former mayor of Guéret.…

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Chapel of the Capucins

Religious buildings | TURENNE | 05 55 85 91 15

Former chapel of a convent builds in 1643 by 'Rebellious' Frédéric-Maurice de Turenne.

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Bridge of Bonshommes

Bridges and civil engineering structures | BESSINES SUR GARTEMPE | 05 55 76 09 28

This bridge is believed to date from the 13th century and owes its name to the Grandmontain monks whose abbey stood approximately 20 km from the site. The hump-backed roadway sits on three poi…

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Banizette Estate

Castles | LA NOUAILLE | 05 55 83 28 55

Discover real XIXth century rural life through a collection of tools, domestic objects ans old vehicles displayed inside buildings dating from the XVIth and XVIIth centuries listed on the Fren…

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La fontaine et le lavoir de Teyrat

Bridges and civil engineering structures | SAINT LAURENT

Two paths lead to the site, which is made up of a square fountain built from rectangular granite blocks and a circular washhouse.

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