Limousin heritage

Musée de la Sénatorerie

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Aviation Museum Creuse Air Memorial

Museums | BELLEGARDE EN MARCHE | 05 55 67 52 14

Homage to Creuse aviators through different collections : models, photos, documents, medals…A hall dedicated to the memory of Maryse Bastie, room reproducing an aircraft cabin.

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Maison de la Graphologie

Permanent exhibitions and collections | LAROCHE PRES FEYT | 05 55 94 30 61

This museum is dedicated to the life and works of Abbé Jean-Hippolyte Michon, 19C inventor of applied graphology. Michon identified 175 types of writing, which he classified into eight groups.…

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Espace géologique Louis Puyaubert

Permanent exhibitions and collections | NAVES | 05 55 26 02 29

Under the patronage of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, this centre is a showcase for the geological collection established by Docteur Louis Puyaubert in the late 19C and early…

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The Limousin Regional Collection of Contemporary Art (Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain du Limousin

Arts galleries | LIMOGES | 05 55 77 08 98

FRAC Limousin's mission is to constitute a collection of current art works, representative of all the aspects of the national and international artistic creation in plastic art. All year long,…

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Tapestry Cartoon Museum

Museums | AUBUSSON | 06 88 25 35 07

Tapestry cartoons are the models used by weavers for producing their tapestry. They are oils, gouaches, paintings, after the classical themes of Boucher, Watteau, Fragonard, Oudry... Discover…

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Maison de Pays des Monédières

Permanent exhibitions and collections | CHAUMEIL | 05 55 21 21 24

Situated in the heart of the Massif des Monédières, this centre hosts themed exhibitions and tempory events, as well as an area where visitors can learn more about the local landscape, buy lo…

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Espace minéralogique 'Minéraux Couleurs Nature'

Museums | EYMOUTIERS | 05 55 69 27 74

A space of 100 sq.m. with mineralogical collection of minerals and fossils from around the world as well as rare minerals from Limousin. Discover the basement of our planet ... ! 40 displays a…

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Exposition des sculptures d'Antoine PAUCARD

Permanent exhibitions and collections | SAINT SALVADOUR | 05 55 21 63 94

Antoine Paucard (1886-1980) is an atypical character. This "corrézien farmer" autodidact led a tumultuous life. He is a soldier in “Hunter in Africa”, he returned to France after an accident t…

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The Landscape Archaeology Centre

Permanent exhibitions and collections | UZERCHE | 05 55 73 26 07

The Landscape Archaeology Centre is located in an old rehabilitated paper factory. It provides information about the origins and mutations of Limousin’s landscapes, from the Prehistoric Ages t…

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Pouligny Tilery

Museums | CHENIERS | 05 55 62 19 61

The fire, earth ... but also water and, above all, know-how. The Limousin sub-soil hides large clay seams. Local crafts developed around earth and it's possible to find roofs covered in tiles…

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