Musée Adrien Dubouché

Limoges porcelain originated with the discovery of kaolin clay in Saint-Yrieix, in the south of Haute-Vienne, in 1768.  Limoges porcelain is a subtle mixture of minerals and it is mostly used for tableware. It symbolizes “Art de Vivre” on the tables of presidents, royalty and ambassadors around the world. Today, designers keep the art of Limoges porcelain alive with remarkable contemporary pieces.

Adrien Dubouché National Porcelain Museum in Limoges

Adrien Dubouché Museum holds the world’s largest Limoges porcelain collection. The great steps in the history of ceramics are represented here, in a journey through time, beginning with Antiquity, across continents and civilizations, taking visitors all the way back to today’s modern pieces. Part of the museum is dedicated to porcelain-making techniques, enabling visitors to grasp just how challenging it is to create. The museum and its prestigious collections contribute to Limoges’s international fame in the field of ceramics.


Vases Roma Christian Couty

Esprit Porcelaine is an internationally renowned collective of porcelain designers and artists who create tableware as well as indoor and outdoor decoration. They combine porcelain with wood, glass and other material and are in the forefront of contemporary porcelain creation. The collective exhibits its works in European museums such as the Design Museum in Gent (Belgium).


Bernardaud was founded in 1863. Visitors can tour the old factory workshops, discover ancient porcelain-making techniques and even touch objects and tools. This original concept allows visitors to "experience" the creative techniques and gestures used to make porcelain. The Bernardaud factory outlet offers a large choice of table sets and gifts. Visitors can also buy prestigious contemporary items. Each summer, Bernardaud organizes a major exhibition where porcelain is used in various artistic expressions. Many famous designers imagine and produce unique pieces of art (Jeff Koons, Sophie Calle, David Lynch…)

Jeff Koons’s elephant cup

Bernardaud made a series of 2.500 elephant cups, designed by Jeff Koons. Each piece costs €464 and can be purchased at the Jeff Koons Exhibition at the Georges Pompidou centre in Paris (until April 27th, 2015).

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