Nowadays, enamel  is associated with contemporary material  thanks to young designers who create original and unusual works of art. The Enamel House in Limoges is dedicated to contemporary enamel art.

The Fine Arts Museum in Limoges

The museum is set in a majestic building which used to be an Episcopal Palace, by Limoges cathedral in the Saint-Etienne medieval quarters of Limoges. It was renovated in 2006 and 2010. It is internationally renowned for its enamel collection. It offers a wide panorama of Limousin enamel production from the 12th century to today (“champlevé” enamel, Renaissance painted enamel, modern and contemporary enamel), as well as pieces from all over the world. Don’t miss the museum’s painting by Renoir and Valadon, sculptures, Egyptian antiques and the exhibit about Limoges’s 2000 year old history.


An artist collective with 6 enamel artists, a coppersmith and a ceramist who work together in an old stable in the historical Butchers’ quarters in Limoges. A great occasion to discover contemporary works of art and to discuss with the gallery’s artists.

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