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The Zizim Tower and the medieval city

Castles | BOURGANEUF | 05 55 64 12 20

In the medieval city, a prison tower was built to lock away a prince, Zizim, son of a powerful Ottoman Sultan. In this enormous tower, you will discover an impressive roof structure but first,…

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Villemonteix Château

Castles | CHENERAILLES | 05 55 62 33 92

Archetypypical of the end of the Middle Ages with its central keep, rampart walk and parapet and pepper-pot towers, Villemonteix Château is also elegant thanks to the discreet 18th-century mod…


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Boussac Château

Castles | BOUSSAC | 05 55 65 07 62

Particularly impressive on its rocky outcrop overlooking the Creuse Valley, Boussac Château has had an eventful history: built in the 12th century, ruined during the Hundred Years War, re-buil…

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Viaduc des Rochers Noirs

Bridges and civil engineering structures | LAPLEAU | 05 55 27 52 61

Situated in the communes of Lapleau and Soursac, this bold feat of engineering straddles the Luzège gorges at a height of 92m. Opened in 1913 by President Poincaré, the viaduct was used until…

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Chapelle du cimetière

Religious buildings | SAINT JUNIEN

The chapel of the cemetery used to be dedicated to Saint-Guignefort. It was rebuilt in the 13th Century and dedicated to Saint-Madeleine. In the 17th century the brotherhood les “Pénitents Ble…

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La stèle et la fontaine du Teilloux

Bridges and civil engineering structures | SAINT LAURENT

Cette stèle est un support de croix monolithe (issue d'une pierre levée), sculpté d'un visage et portant la date 1861. Cette date pouvait marquer un évènement comme le décès d'une personne imp…

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Firemen’s tower

Monuments | MAGNAC BOURG | 05-55-00-89-91

The tower was built by the voluntary firemen of Magnac-Bourg and inaugurated in 1949. This tower decorated with the dove of peace was used for drying the fire hoses. It also held the firemen’s…

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Château de Comborn

Castles | ORGNAC SUR VEZERE | 05 55 73 77 23

Seat of one of the four viscounties of the Bas-Limousin and cradle of many important feudal families (eg, the Comborn, the second Turenne dynasty and the Ventadour), this castle is built on a…


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Church of Crozant

Religious buildings | CROZANT | 05 55 89 24 61

This romanesque church dates back from the XIIth century and was classified Historical Monument in 1933. Above the door of the North chapel you can see the coat of arm of the Aubusson family (…

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Religious buildings | SAINT CYR LA ROCHE | 05 55 24 08 80

Church of the fifteenth century, built of pink sandstone with a classified stained glass. Ask for the key to Ms. Joudoux (in front of the church).

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