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Château de Sédières

Castles | CLERGOUX | 05 55 27 76 40

Surrounded by 130ha of forest, lakes and rivers, 3km from Clergoux, the medieval Château de Sédières now belongs to the Conseil départemental. The castle offers a range of outdoor activities t…


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Bonafy Fountain

Urban architecture | CHATEAU CHERVIX | 05-55-00-89-91

Built in 1897, it is set in the centre of the High Square close to the church. Its existence is due to the generosity of Pierre Louis Bonafy. This rich tradesman was troubled when he saw how d…

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Mortemart, 'Un des Plus Beaux Villages de France'

The most beautiful villages of France | MORTEMART

It is the only village in the department to be listed as "one of the most beautiful villages in France". It is famous for the remains of its glorious past. It offers an architecturally imposin…

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Birthplace of Edgar Cruveilher

Monuments | RAZES | 05 55 38 91 00

At the current location of the Town Hall was born Edgar Cruveilher the 17th of February 1899. He was radio sailing from Air France and disappeared with Mermoz during its 11th crossing of th…

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Church Saint-Xantin

Religious buildings | MALEMORT | 05 55 92 28 25

The church Saint-Xantin in the form of a Latin cross: a simple nave of two bays conduct a projecting transept, in which open chapels oriented and a straight bay form the choir, as an extension…

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Mise au tombeau of Christ

Religious buildings | RAZES | 05 55 38 91 00

In the wall of an old house is a limestone sculpture probably from the 15th century evoking the “Mise au tombeau” of Christ. This sculpture (58 cm long and 40 cm high) is made up of 4 characte…

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Church altarpiece St-Pierre les lions

Religious buildings | NAVES | 05 55 26 60 16

A masterpiece created by the Duhamel brothers, two sculptors from Tulle, this altarpiece is carved from walnut and measures 14m in height and 12m in width. The 10 panels represent the episodes…

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Maison des Consuls

Monuments | SAINT JUNIEN

This house dates back to 16th century. It used to belong to a Consul of the town. Napoleon who was passing through Saint-Junien slept there in 1807. The façade of the house has been recently r…

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Pont du Saillant

Bridges and civil engineering structures | VOUTEZAC

Medieval bridge of the 16th century " in beaks " on Vézère with six ogivales arcs.

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Château de Turenne

Castles | TURENNE | 05 55 85 90 66

Castle ruins: Tour du Trésor or Tour de l’Horloge, 11C rectangular keep with guardroom, and 12-13C Tour César (watch-tower with exceptional views of the Dordogne Valley and Monts du Cantal). T…


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