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La Règle underground tunnel

Monuments | LIMOGES

A dense network of underground tunnels is hidden away beneath the town's old quarters. Some date back to the Roman era (aqueduct), but the major part was built between the year 1000 and the 13…

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Eglise de Saint Léger Bridereix

Religious buildings | SAINT LEGER BRIDEREIX

It is a XVI century funeral chapel, with a ribbed vault with bridgings and tiercerons, which contained the tombs of neighbouring lords. On one side and the other of this chapel are two statues…

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Urban architecture | LIMOGES | 05 55 69 55 55

Imagined by Bernard Tschumi, this building made of Limousin Douglas pine wood and wrapped in polycarbonate fits perfectly, thanks to its transparency, into the surrounding forest. With a welco…

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Le Vieux Pont

Bridges and civil engineering structures | TREIGNAC

Indicated in 1492, its architecture allows to think that the current building is at least of hundred years previous. The bridge contains 3 arcs, it was the property of the hospice of Treignac…

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Barrage de Marèges

Bridges and civil engineering structures | LIGINIAC

Opened in 1935. Built in a very deep gorge, this is the oldest of the dams in the upper valley of the Dordogne. Height: 90m. Reservoir: 16km long.

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'Rocks of Puychaud'

Archeological vestiges | BLOND | 05 55 86 12 79

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The church of Laurière

Religious buildings | LAURIERE | 05 55 71 40 44

This 13th century church was out of the town. It was rebuilt in the town in 1833 and in the outbuildings of the castle : it is shaped like a cross with equal arms and a Roman dome.

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Rancon Fortified Church

Religious buildings | RANCON | 05 55 76 57 57

Rancon fortified church was built at the end of the 12th century. Over the centuries it has been restored and altered many times. It was fortified after the ruin of the castle of the Lords of…

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Dolmen de Bouery

Archeological vestiges | MAILHAC SUR BENAIZE | 05 55 76 92 66

The dolmen Bouery (one of the largest in the department) is located on the town of Mailhac on Benaize north of the Haute Vienne.

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The statue

Religious buildings | RAZES | 05 55 38 91 00

13th century.

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