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Monuments | RAZES | 05 55 38 91 00

Is part of a complex of buildings : house, cowshed, barn, bakery, fruit (15th century beautiful braces). Built in 1716. Restored in the 50’s. Rehabilitation outside in the 80’s. At its base wa…

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Saint-Martial Crypt

Monuments | LIMOGES

Saint. Martial Benedictine abbey was built in the 9th century where the current Place de la République is located. It was an important stopover and contemplation spot for pilgrims along the Sa…

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The church of Laurière

Religious buildings | LAURIERE | 05 55 71 40 44

This 13th century church was out of the town. It was rebuilt in the town in 1833 and in the outbuildings of the castle : it is shaped like a cross with equal arms and a Roman dome.

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Tintignac-Naves archeological site

Archeological vestiges | NAVES

Tintignac-Naves archeological site is located next to Tulle, in Corrèze department. It is a major site for understanding the Gauls and Celts' way of living and their religion. Thanks to the ob…

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Rancon Fortified Church

Religious buildings | RANCON | 05 55 76 57 57

Rancon fortified church was built at the end of the 12th century. Over the centuries it has been restored and altered many times. It was fortified after the ruin of the castle of the Lords of…

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The Pioche inn

Monuments | BESSINES SUR GARTEMPE | 05 55 76 09 28

In 1814, Pope Pius VII spent the night at the Pioche inn. He promised to provide a relic of the cross for the church to replace the one which had been lost at the time of the Revolution. He ho…

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Place de la Motte's Trompe-l'Oeil

Monuments | LIMOGES

Place de la Motte's fresco is a tribute to the history of the town and neighbourhood. It is remarkably intergrated into the environment. The area's architectural details are represented in th…

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Church Saint Pierre ès Liens - Nouzerolles

Religious buildings | NOUZEROLLES | 05 55 89 24 61

This church was built between the XVIth and the XVth centuries and is situated outside of the heart of the village because it was a part of the (today disappeared) Lords' castle.

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Pierre Bourdan's stele

Patrimoine de mémoire | LE BOURG D'HEM | 05 55 62 16 57

Nephew of the painter impressionistic comment Fernand Maillaud, Pierre Maillaud, famous resistant French, announcer with Radio London during the Second World War takes Pierre Bourdan's pen nam…

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The Zizim Tower and the medieval city

Castles | BOURGANEUF | 05 55 64 12 20

In the medieval city, a prison tower was built to lock away a prince, Zizim, son of a powerful Ottoman Sultan. In this enormous tower, you will discover an impressive roof structure but first,…

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