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Church of Vicq sur Breuilh

Religious buildings | VICQ SUR BREUILH | 05-55-00-89-91

The church rises up like a boat in the midst of water. It was in fact built in two parts, which explains this bell-tower oddly placed at the centre of the building. Its shingle-covered bell-to…

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Prieuré Les Bronzeaux

Religious buildings | SAINT LEGER MAGNAZEIX | 06 82 01 26 87

Ancien monastère grandmontain du XIIème siècle, le seul restant en Limousin. Le bâtiment a gardé de nombreux éléments architecturaux anciens, en particulier la salle capitulaire, le cellier, l…

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Boussac Château

Castles | BOUSSAC | 05 55 65 07 62

Particularly impressive on its rocky outcrop overlooking the Creuse Valley, Boussac Château has had an eventful history: built in the 12th century, ruined during the Hundred Years War, re-buil…

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Canal des Moines

Bridges and civil engineering structures | AUBAZINE

This extraordinary 12C work of art has been carved out of the rock and constructed with impressive corbelling. Built by the monks from the abbey, it runs for a distance of 1.5km along the side…

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The church of Fromental

Religious buildings | FROMENTAL | 05 55 76 01 88

In 1358, it was looted by the English and burned. In 1361, it was decided to rebuild it. Stained-glass windows of St Martial and Ste Valerie gift of Fromental Morel family. Two bells: the firs…

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Pavillon du Verdurier

Urban architecture | LIMOGES

This 400 square metre old refrigerating pavilion was used to refrigerate frozen meat from Argentina, often consumed during World War 1. The reinforced concrete building is covered with sandsto…

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Church Saint Pierre Es Liens - Sagnat

Religious buildings | SAGNAT | 05 55 89 24 61

This romanesque church was built between the XIth and the XIIIth century and it was fortified in the XVth century. it is 31.5 meters long. The capitals of the West portal are decorated with hu…

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The cross of Sainte-Anne Morterolles

Religious buildings | BESSINES SUR GARTEMPE | 05 55 76 09 28

She wears instead of the original cross, a keystone carved with a twist around a floral pattern. Listed historical monument.

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Le lavoir du Brillaudoueix

Bridges and civil engineering structures | LA BRIONNE

The washhouse and fountain at the end of the path appear to date from the 19th century. The washhouse was regularly used by the residents of Brillaudoueix, but had few wash stones.

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Gallo-Roman ruins at Les Cars

Archeological vestiges | SAINT MERD LES OUSSINES | 05 55 95 19 15

Situated near Saint-Merd-les-Oussines, these ruins date from the 2C and 3C. The Gallo-Roman site comprises a funerary complex and a dwelling some 300m apart. Unaccompanied visit.

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