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La Pêcherie de Fressanges

Bridges and civil engineering structures | GUERET

At the turn of the century the fishery was in a meadow; it had various uses including watering the animals and above all to regulate irrigation of the pastures downstream. It is now at the hea…

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Ségur le Château

The most beautiful villages of France | SEGUR LE CHATEAU | 05 55 08 20 72

Built on a meander of the Auvézère river, this small town was a major centre in the Middle Ages, when it was controlled by the first Viscounts of Limoges. Ruins of the 12C castle can still be…

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Saillant chapel

Religious buildings | VOUTEZAC

Inside the chapel, there are stained glass windows of Chagall (1887-1985). They evoke the raw values ​​of man in nature. The artist played on the light by a dialogue between the co…

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Chet de Barmont Chateau

Castles | SAINT AVIT DE TARDES | 06 37 30 22 15

Inhabited for 250 years by the famous Roche-Aymon family, owner of numerous chateaux in the Creuse. Military architecture embellished inside with panelling carved by Simon Bauer, the 17th cent…

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Abbey church of the old Cistercian Monastery

Religious buildings | AUBAZINE | 05 55 91 09 94

A listed historic monument since 1914, this 12C Romanesque abbey church is striking for its typically Cistercian simplicity and is crowned by a Limousin-style octagonal bell tower. It also hou…


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The cross of Morterolles

Religious buildings | BESSINES SUR GARTEMPE | 05 55 76 09 28

Cross near the church, the trefoil ends, bears a crucified with only the crown of thorns evokes suffering. Listed historical monument.

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Eglise de Saint-Pierre la Montagne

Religious buildings | SAINT LEGER LA MONTAGNE | 05 55 39 80 83

This 12th to 15th-century edifice have a single nave in three bays. Two chapels in the second bay. The west front support the church tower. On the vaults, we can see fragments of mural painti…

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Fontaine de la place du Général Espagne

Urban architecture | AUBUSSON | 05 55 66 32 12

In 1770 the town of Aubusson bought the font from the Romanesque church in Moutier Rozeille, the neighbouring commune. It is decorated with three beautiful scenes.

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Church of Chambon Sainte Croix

Religious buildings | CHAMBON SAINTE CROIX | 05 55 89 24 61

The chuch dates back from the XII century. The portal is typical of the region.

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Saint-Etienne Cathedral

Religious buildings | LIMOGES | 05 55 34 46 87

The construction of this Gothic edifice lasted 6 centuries, beginning in 1273 and ending in the late 19th century. The beauty of the Gothic flamboyant Saint John portal is magnified by the cat…

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