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Château du Verdier

Castles | LUBERSAC | 05 55 73 97 31

Situated on the outskirts of Lubersac on the road to Pompadour, this 15C castle belonging to the Lubersac family was restored in the 19C by Ernest de Chabrignac.

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Ancienne commanderie de l'ordre du Saint-Sépulcre

Religious buildings | SOUDAINE LAVINADIERE

The church, built in the 13th century, again in the 15th and 19th, opens on the West by a portal of type Limousin. It misses that small columns which should take place in correspondence in the…

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Cross of the dead

Monuments | CHATEAU CHERVIX | 05-55-00-89-91

With its back against the church, the cross of the dead is set on a serpentine base where the coffins were probably placed before entering the church.

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Church altarpiece St-Pierre les lions

Religious buildings | NAVES | 05 55 26 60 16

A masterpiece created by the Duhamel brothers, two sculptors from Tulle, this altarpiece is carved from walnut and measures 14m in height and 12m in width. The 10 panels represent the episodes…

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Pavillon du Verdurier

Urban architecture | LIMOGES

This 400 square metre old refrigerating pavilion was used to refrigerate frozen meat from Argentina, often consumed during World War 1. The reinforced concrete building is covered with sandsto…

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Canal des Moines

Bridges and civil engineering structures | AUBAZINE

This extraordinary 12C work of art has been carved out of the rock and constructed with impressive corbelling. Built by the monks from the abbey, it runs for a distance of 1.5km along the side…

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Urban architecture | LIMOGES | 05 55 69 55 55

Imagined by Bernard Tschumi, this building made of Limousin Douglas pine wood and wrapped in polycarbonate fits perfectly, thanks to its transparency, into the surrounding forest. With a welco…

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Maison des Consuls

Monuments | SAINT JUNIEN

This house dates back to 16th century. It used to belong to a Consul of the town. Napoleon who was passing through Saint-Junien slept there in 1807. The façade of the house has been recently r…

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La stèle et la fontaine du Teilloux

Bridges and civil engineering structures | SAINT LAURENT

Cette stèle est un support de croix monolithe (issue d'une pierre levée), sculpté d'un visage et portant la date 1861. Cette date pouvait marquer un évènement comme le décès d'une personne imp…

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Les Bonnes Fontaines

Religious buildings | SORNAC | 555946266

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