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Church Saint-Pierre

Religious buildings | UZERCHE | 05 55 73 15 71

Built by the Benedictine monks in the 11C and 12C, this church is a good example of the Limousin Romanesque style, with its narrow side aisles, transept, choir, ambulatory and apsidioles. Limo…

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The most beautiful villages of France | SAINT ROBERT | 05 55 24 08 80

This charming medieval village is built on a ridge on the border between the Corrèze and the Dordogne. 12C Romanesque church. Guided tours of the village all year by prior arrangement for indi…

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Collegiate church Saint Martin

Religious buildings | BRIVE LA GAILLARDE | 05 55 24 10 82

Romanic church built from the 12th century, in the shape of Latin cross. Of this period remain the transept, the octagonal dome on pendants, a part of the head as well as an exceptional set of…


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Pont de Merle

Bridges and civil engineering structures | SAINT GENIEZ O MERLE

500m from the site of Tours de Merle, on the D13 between the communes of St Geniez-ô-Merle and St Bonnet-les-Tours, enjoy a view of the second largest woodframed bridge in Europe. This unique…

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The classified frieze of the church

Religious buildings | VAL D'ISSOIRE | 05 55 68 12 79

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Church Notre Dame de la Renaissance - Dun le Palestel

Religious buildings | DUN LE PALESTEL | 05 55 89 24 61

The ancient church, called Notre-Dame before 1711 was destroyed in 1909. The principal portal is listed Historical Monument since 1911 and dates back from the XIII century. The actual church…

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Château du Fraisse

Castles | NOUIC | 05 55 68 32 68

The Fraisse castle ot the 13th century used to be a "Lord'sdewelling. Today almost nothing has survived of the Fraisse castle of the 13th century. It was burnt down by the famous Black Prince…

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Viaduc des Rochers Noirs

Bridges and civil engineering structures | LAPLEAU | 05 55 27 52 61

Situated in the communes of Lapleau and Soursac, this bold feat of engineering straddles the Luzège gorges at a height of 92m. Opened in 1913 by President Poincaré, the viaduct was used until…

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Barrage de l'Aigle

Bridges and civil engineering structures | SOURSAC | 05 34 39 88 70

The Eagle Dam is also nicknamed "the barrage of resistance".Its construction from 1935 to 1945, has been deliberately delayed by the Cantal armed resistance organization during the 2nd world w…

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Monastery 'Les Bronzeaux'

Religious buildings | SAINT LEGER MAGNAZEIX | 05 55 76 56 68

Le bâtiment a gardé de nombreux éléments architecturaux anciens, en particulier la salle capitulaire, le cellier, le réfectoire et le dortoir. Le site a été classé monument historique en 1999.

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