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Church Saint-Martin

Religious buildings | VIAM | 05 55 95 18 68

The church probably built in the 12th century, then re-bent at the end of the 14th century has, remarkably, never been provided with side chapels. It opens to the west by a handsome gate plank…

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Urban architecture | LIMOGES | 05 55 69 55 55

Imagined by Bernard Tschumi, this building made of Limousin Douglas pine wood and wrapped in polycarbonate fits perfectly, thanks to its transparency, into the surrounding forest. With a welco…

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La Pêcherie de Fressanges

Bridges and civil engineering structures | GUERET

At the turn of the century the fishery was in a meadow; it had various uses including watering the animals and above all to regulate irrigation of the pastures downstream. It is now at the hea…

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Barrage de Marèges

Bridges and civil engineering structures | LIGINIAC

Opened in 1935. Built in a very deep gorge, this is the oldest of the dams in the upper valley of the Dordogne. Height: 90m. Reservoir: 16km long.

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Le Dolmen de la Croix Blanche

Monuments | FELLETIN | 05 55 66 54 60

Located outside the town, on the Crocq road. A collective tomb better known under the name 'Cabane César', the dolmen dates from the end of the neolithic period 'circa 2750 BC). Partially dest…

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Church of Colondannes

Religious buildings | COLONDANNES | 05 55 89 24 61

The church and the ancient presbytery was a part of the Priory of Colondannes. An old archive file dating back from 1080 said that “Guy, bishop of Limoges, gave the Church of Colondannes to Bé…

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Pavillon du Verdurier

Urban architecture | LIMOGES

This 400 square metre old refrigerating pavilion was used to refrigerate frozen meat from Argentina, often consumed during World War 1. The reinforced concrete building is covered with sandsto…

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Religious buildings | YSSANDON | 05 55 24 08 80

The Romanic church of the 12th century is situated outside of the village, at le Puy d'Yssandon: bell tower-wall, chorus in semicircle decorated with arcatures, carved capitals. Free access,10am-5pm.


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Maison de la Bastide

Castles | MAGNAC BOURG | 05-55-00-89-91

Built during the first half of the 18th century and completed in 1745. The tower was added in 1900. Acquired in 1815 by Athanase Martin de la Bastide, it is still owned by the same family.

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Carbonnières Towers

Castles | GOULLES | 05 55 28 70 84

Ruins of a feudal fortress (11C and 14C) consisting of two square towers (the southern tower built for defensive purposes and the northern tower once inhabited by the occupants) and a village.…

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