Limousin parks and gardens

Parc Victor Thuillat à Limoges

Nature and the outdoors are very important in Limousin. Be sure to visit our parks and gardens.

Parc de la Mairie

Parks and gardens | TULLE | 05 55 21 73 00

Staged public garden overhanging the city. Pond, statue and standing walk of lime trees. Opened all year long in free access from 8 am till 8 pm.

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Parc arboretum du château de la Diège

Parks and gardens | USSEL | 05 55 46 54 00

19C landscaped park with beautiful Sequoia and Douglas firs. Attractive small waterfalls behind the château and an orchard with old varieties of apple tree (labelled).

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La Tuillière Arboretum

Parks and gardens | AYEN | 05 55 84 12 90

Founded in 1990, this arboretum (9 ha) contains a collection of 1,600 species of trees and shrubs, each labelled with information. The park also boasts four small lakes home to ducks and geese…

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Arboretum du Château de Neuvic d'Ussel, Parc agricole et paysager

Parks and gardens | NEUVIC | 06 73 96 48 45

This 6-hectare landscaped park and arboretum, located in an urban setting, was designed in the 19C in the style of parks laid out by the landscape artist and garden designer, Choulot. Awarded…

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Parc du Baroneau

Parks and gardens | SAINT JUNIEN

Park created by André Laurent in 1890 and designed around an ornamental lake and a remarkable rockery. Recent collection of rhodedendrums.

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Jardin de la Ganille

Parks and gardens | USSEL | 05 55 72 37 87

This charming garden (an officially recognised “Jardin Remarquable”) is located near Eybrail on the road to Clermont-Ferrand. Created 18 years ago, it boasts a display of fencing (known as cli…


from 4.00

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Beyssin garden

Parks and gardens | PUY D'ARNAC | 05 55 91 55 58

This 2.500 sq. metre garden is conveniently located between Collonges-la-Rouge and Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne. Its creators, Mr and Mrs MIGNOT both have landscaping degrees. Each season brings ne…


from 3.00

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Maison Ethno-Botanique

Parks and gardens | ESPAGNAC | 05 55 29 24 52

This ethno-botanical centre has 120 varieties of fruit trees, collections of old and local vegetable varieties (buckwheat, lettuce, orache etc) and some twenty varieties of willow. It also pro…

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Jardin de Marzac

Parks and gardens | SAINT-PAUL | 05 55 09 71 12

Gardens designed alongside a rural home from the XVII century (1860). An avenue of Yew trees leads to the Louis XV gate, which leads onto an interior courtyard. Topiary, ancient fountain, rose…

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