Limousin parks and gardens

Parc Victor Thuillat à Limoges

Nature and the outdoors are very important in Limousin. Be sure to visit our parks and gardens.

Jardins de la Maison du miel et des plantes

Parks and gardens | BEAULIEU | 04 71 40 35 35

Visit and discover the worls of bees. Creation and manufacturing house of bioloqique cosmètiques and organic soaps. Surrounded with 5 garden of vision (to visit) established by aromatic and m…

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Arboretum du Château de Neuvic d'Ussel, Parc agricole et paysager

Parks and gardens | NEUVIC | 06 73 96 48 45

This 6-hectare landscaped park and arboretum, located in an urban setting, was designed in the 19C in the style of parks laid out by the landscape artist and garden designer, Choulot. Awarded…

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Jardin du Centaure

Parks and gardens | SAINT YRIEIX LE DEJALAT | 05 55 93 93 79

This 500m² garden specialises in medicinal and aromatic plants, as well as those used in dyeing. The popular use and mythology of plants are the themes of the tour given by the owner of the ga…

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Le Jardin d'Arsac

Parks and gardens | SAINT FREJOUX

A landscaped pleasure garden designed in a cameo of greys, greens and blues, the layout of which is inspired by poetry, aesthetics and history, with a focus on local perennial plants. Astonish…

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Sothys Contemporary Botanical Garden

Parks and gardens | AURIAC | 05 55 91 96 89

These botanical gardens covering an area of 4ha have been created upon the initiative of the beauty product company SOTHYS. Based around the theme of cosmetics, the gardens are made up of 5 di…

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Banizette Garden

Parks and gardens | LA NOUAILLE | 05 55 83 28 55

A traditional garden of fruit and flowers, genuine and historic. Within the limits of this 15th century, rural lord's domain, the garden's organised around a central freshwater pool. Traced o…

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Parc du Baroneau

Parks and gardens | SAINT JUNIEN

Park created by André Laurent in 1890 and designed around an ornamental lake and a remarkable rockery. Recent collection of rhodedendrums.

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Jardin de Ginette

Parks and gardens | BEYNAC | 05 55 70 14 16

In the town, a flower garden open on the subjects of the village and the Limousin countryside, created in 1993 by the owner. A mix of shrubs, rose plants, perennials and clematis. Also worth…

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The Garden of Bardot

Parks and gardens | MARCILLAC LA CROISILLE | 05 55 27 82 05

Situated on the southwest side of the Dordogne gorges below the village of Nougein, the Jardin de Bardot covers an area of approximately 1200 m2. Although built on a fairly steep slope, the ga…

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The Gardens of Colette and her maze

Parks and gardens | VARETZ | 05 55 86 75 35

Les Jardins de Colette is a 5 ha cotemporary garden set near theChâteau de Caqtel Novel in the town of Varetz, wich was once home to the famous author Colette. A thematic park, wich evokes six…


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