Limousin parks and gardens

Parc Victor Thuillat à Limoges

Nature and the outdoors are very important in Limousin. Be sure to visit our parks and gardens.

Beyssin garden

Parks and gardens | PUY D'ARNAC | 05 55 91 55 58

This 2.500 sq. metre garden is conveniently located between Collonges-la-Rouge and Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne. Its creators, Mr and Mrs MIGNOT both have landscaping degrees. Each season brings ne…


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Le Jardin d'Arsac

Parks and gardens | SAINT FREJOUX

A landscaped pleasure garden designed in a cameo of greys, greens and blues, the layout of which is inspired by poetry, aesthetics and history, with a focus on local perennial plants. Astonish…

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Parc de la Mairie

Parks and gardens | TULLE | 05 55 21 73 00

Staged public garden overhanging the city. Pond, statue and standing walk of lime trees. Opened all year long in free access from 8 am till 8 pm.

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The ginkgos bilobas

Parks and gardens | SAINT SULPICE LAURIERE | 05 55 71 46 46

These trees were offered in 1864 by the brother of the Japanese Emperor to Mr de Leffe, constructor of the railway line Montluçon / Limoges. The 11 trees were planted to decorate the new train…

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Arboretum du Massif des Agriers

Parks and gardens | LAMAZIERE HAUTE

600ha mountain forest with heathland on the Puy du Vareyron. The arboretum has around sixty broad-leaved trees and conifers planted in 1982 in an area of 6 hectares.

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The Banks of the River Vienne

Parks and gardens | LIMOGES

The quarter of the Vienne banks, at the foot of the cathedral, is a singular place. Settled by the “Ponticauds” (people of the bridges) of a rich social history, the river is crossed by two re…

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Jardin de Marzac

Parks and gardens | SAINT-PAUL | 05 55 09 71 12

Gardens designed alongside a rural home from the XVII century (1860). An avenue of Yew trees leads to the Louis XV gate, which leads onto an interior courtyard. Topiary, ancient fountain, rose…

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The botanical garden

Parks and gardens | LIMOGES | 05 55 45 62 67

The public Rose Garden is made up of more than 5,000 rose bushes, representing more than 200 sorts.

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Botanical garden

Parks and gardens | LOSTANGES | 05 55 25 47 78

A “nature discovery trail” situated at an altitude of 500m. The garden extends across an area of 2ha and is planted with some 500 species from around the world. 800m marked trail and slide sho…


from 3.00

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Chapelle Blanche Garden

Parks and gardens | FELLETIN | 05 55 66 32 12

Like an echo of the chapel... A wooden structure that hints at the volume of a former chapel of White Penitents, the stone paths symbolise the cross... A magnificent garden covers the ruins. A…

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