Limousin parks and gardens

Parc Victor Thuillat à Limoges

Nature and the outdoors are very important in Limousin. Be sure to visit our parks and gardens.

The Oak of Liberty

Parks and gardens | BESSINES SUR GARTEMPE | 05 55 76 09 28

The original tree, which was planted on 2 October 1889, split and fell down during a strong gust of wind in 2006. A 30-year-old oak tree was planted to replace it.

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Parc de la Mairie

Parks and gardens | TULLE | 05 55 21 73 00

Staged public garden overhanging the city. Pond, statue and standing walk of lime trees. Opened all year long in free access from 8 am till 8 pm.

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Bastide wood

Parks and gardens | LIMOGES | 05 55 45 62 67

Located in the north east of the city, this 78-hectare area welcomes numerous joggers coming here to benefit from these “green lungs”. Each to their own undergrowth and path: it offers several…

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Parc arboretum du château de la Diège

Parks and gardens | USSEL | 05 55 46 54 00

19C landscaped park with beautiful Sequoia and Douglas firs. Attractive small waterfalls behind the château and an orchard with old varieties of apple tree (labelled).

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Botanical garden

Parks and gardens | LOSTANGES | 05 55 25 47 78

A “nature discovery trail” situated at an altitude of 500m. The garden extends across an area of 2ha and is planted with some 500 species from around the world. 800m marked trail and slide sho…


from 3.00

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La Tuillière Arboretum

Parks and gardens | AYEN | 05 55 84 12 90

Founded in 1990, this arboretum (9 ha) contains a collection of 1,600 species of trees and shrubs, each labelled with information. The park also boasts four small lakes home to ducks and geese…

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Parc des Perrières

Parks and gardens | BRIVE LA GAILLARDE | 05 55 18 16 20

Street Louis Plantadis, wooded park of 13 ha. Beautiful walk in a park afforested with numerous natural sorts in meadows and undergrowth (ferns, lychnis), remarkable trees. Dominant sight on t…

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The Evêché gardens

Parks and gardens | LIMOGES | 05 55 45 62 67

The Evêché gardens spread over 5 hectares at the heart of the “Cité” quarter. The six terraces that compose them have been built on the slope of Puy Saint Etienne during the construction of a…

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Jardin de la Ganille

Parks and gardens | USSEL | 05 55 72 37 87

This charming garden (an officially recognised “Jardin Remarquable”) is located near Eybrail on the road to Clermont-Ferrand. Created 18 years ago, it boasts a display of fencing (known as cli…


from 4.00

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Sédelle Arboretum

Parks and gardens | CROZANT | 05 55 89 83 16

A small valley of 400 species and 1000 colours…In an idyllic setting of six hectares along the banks of the Sédelle, an extraordinarily rich arboretum. Collection of mapples, dogwoods, limes,…

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