Limousin parks and gardens

Parc Victor Thuillat à Limoges

Nature and the outdoors are very important in Limousin. Be sure to visit our parks and gardens.

The Banks of the River Vienne

Parks and gardens | LIMOGES

The quarter of the Vienne banks, at the foot of the cathedral, is a singular place. Settled by the “Ponticauds” (people of the bridges) of a rich social history, the river is crossed by two re…

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Jardin de Marzac

Parks and gardens | SAINT PAUL | 05 55 09 71 12

Gardens designed alongside a rural home from the XVII century (1860). An avenue of Yew trees leads to the Louis XV gate, which leads onto an interior courtyard. Topiary, ancient fountain, rose…

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Gardens of Colette and her giant maze

Parks and gardens | VARETZ | 05 55 86 75 35

Les Jardins de Colette is a 5 ha cotemporary garden set near theChâteau de Caqtel Novel in the town of Varetz, wich was once home to the famous author Colette. A thematic park, wich evokes six…

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Parc Arboretum et Sylvatum

Parks and gardens | SAINT SETIERS | 05 55 95 61 75

Parc Arboretum et Sylvatum In the heart of the Plateau de Millevaches, at an altitude of almost 1,000m, discover more than one hundred different species of trees and shrubs amid attractive lan…


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Jardin de la Ganille

Parks and gardens | USSEL | 05 55 72 37 87

This charming garden (an officially recognised “Jardin Remarquable”) is located near Eybrail on the road to Clermont-Ferrand. Created 18 years ago, it boasts a display of fencing (known as cli…


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Chapelle Blanche Garden

Parks and gardens | FELLETIN | 05 55 66 32 12

Like an echo of the chapel... A wooden structure that hints at the volume of a former chapel of White Penitents, the stone paths symbolise the cross... A magnificent garden covers the ruins. A…

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Le Jardin d'Arsac

Parks and gardens | SAINT FREJOUX

A landscaped pleasure garden designed in a cameo of greys, greens and blues, the layout of which is inspired by poetry, aesthetics and history, with a focus on local perennial plants. Astonish…

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Sédelle Arboretum

Parks and gardens | CROZANT | 05 55 89 83 16

A small valley of 400 species and 1000 colours…In an idyllic setting of six hectares along the banks of the Sédelle, an extraordinarily rich arboretum. Collection of mapples, dogwoods, limes,…

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Tancognaguet Park

Parks and gardens | SAINT PIERRE DE FURSAC | 05 55 63 77 40

Colossal, powerful, romantic! Large spaces surround the arboretum where decorative conifers are displayed – most notably the famous sequoia plantation – and indigenous and exotic centuries-old…

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Bastide wood

Parks and gardens | LIMOGES | 05 55 45 62 67

Located in the north east of the city, this 78-hectare area welcomes numerous joggers coming here to benefit from these “green lungs”. Each to their own undergrowth and path: it offers several…

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