Limousin wilderness


In Limousin, our wilderness is unspoilt. Discover our lakes, caves, tunnels and panoramas... 

Source of the Cher

Natural sites | MERINCHAL | 05 55 67 25 56

Here you can discover the place where the River Cher, a tributary of the Loire, comes to life. Marked trail from the market town.

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Lake of Saint Pardoux

Recreational lakes | RAZES | 05 55 71 04 40

The Lake of Saint-Pardoux, Haute-Vienne’s largest artificial Lake and second largest in Limousin, represents more than 330 hectares of pure and natural water. Everything is available to satisf…

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Lac du Deiro

Recreational lakes | EGLETONS | 05 55 93 00 36

11 ha lake : Supervised swimming, fishing, children’s games, beach-soccer. Pédalos, canoë-kayak and bark on hire at the holiday village. Hiking and VTT hiking.

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Marchedieu site

Natural sites | AUBUSSON | 05 55 66 32 12

Overlooking the town, the Chapitre site was where the Château stood, one of the most important in the centre of France in the Middle Ages. Today, all that rests is two walls of the keep. The s…

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The Urbe Dolmen

Natural sites | CROCQ | 05 55 67 40 32

The Urbe Dolmen is situated in the Urbe Woods 3 km from Crocq. It, on its own, is a good reason for a walk.

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The Tardes Meander

Natural sites | BUDELIERE | 05 55 82 15 89

Suspended bridge built in 1921 after the construction of the Rochebut dam to link Budelière to Evaux-les-Bains. From Sainte-Radegourde or Saint-Marien, panorama of the Tardes meander and the s…

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Etang des Landes

Natural sites | LUSSAT | 05 55 82 84 55

The only totally natural lake in the Limousin. This 100-hectare stretch of water, a national nature reserve, shelters more than 400 plant species and 600 animal species. Its shallow form (maxi…

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Chabrières Forest

Natural sites | GUERET | 05 55 52 14 29

Forest rich in legends, the 2000 hectares of Chabrières Forest is strewn with enormous, chaotic, granite outcrops to discover thanks to the many marked hiking trails. Discovery trails, possibi…

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Peat bog of Longeyroux

Natural sites | MEYMAC | 05 55 95 18 43

A biological environment of major European interest, this peat bog lies at an altitude of 900m in the communes of Meymac, St Merd-les-Oussines, Chavanac and St Sulpice-les-Bois. It occupies a…

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The La Fage chasm

Natural sites | NOAILLES | 05 55 85 80 35

In Noailles, 10km south of Brive. Exit 52 on the A20 motorway. Divided into two galleries, the La Fage chasm is known for its beautiful, colourful draperies, highly decorated calcite bridges,…

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