Limousin wilderness


In Limousin, our wilderness is unspoilt. Discover our lakes, caves, tunnels and panoramas... 

Le Causse Corrézien

Natural sites | LISSAC SUR COUZE | 05 55 24 08 80

Southwest of Brive, near the A20 motorway. One of the most unusual environments in the département, this limestone plateau is dotted with bare, white outcrops of rock. Water is completely abso…

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Site Corot

Natural sites | SAINT JUNIEN | 05 55 02 17 93

This magnificent natural site is located in the north west of the town. This valley is crossed by a river called Glane. The famous landscape painter Jean Baptiste Camille COROT (1796-1875) use…

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The Devil’s Laugh

Natural sites | LE MONTEIL AU VICOMTE | 05 55 64 75 11

La Rigole de Diable is a legendary and picturesque site in the upper Thaurion Valley. This river and its tributary are seeded with pebbles and blocks of rock. Here you can find the unusual Roc…

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Claude Monet site

Natural sites | DUN LE PALESTEL | 05 55 89 24 61

… Confluence of the Petite Creuse and the Grande Creuse. Mother Nature's miracle. Repeatedly painted by Monet, Guillaumin and the Impressionists, source of inspiration for numerous poets incl…

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Plan d'eau de Cieux

Recreational lakes | CIEUX

Take the N141 towards St Junien, leave at the D9 junction and in Oradour sur Glane take the D3 towards Cieux, and then the D39 towards Peyrilhac.

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Etang des Landes

Natural sites | LUSSAT | 05 55 82 84 55

The only totally natural lake in the Limousin. This 100-hectare stretch of water, a national nature reserve, shelters more than 400 plant species and 600 animal species. Its shallow form (maxi…

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Lac de Feyt

Recreational lakes | SERVIERES LE CHATEAU | 05 55 28 21 92

45 ha lake : Supervised swimming in july-august, 10.30am-noon and 2.30-7pm from wednesday to sunday, 2.30-7pm on tuesday. Fishing, canoe and mountain-bike hire. Coaching of sports activities (…

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Plan d'eau de Nexon

Recreational lakes | NEXON | 05 55 58 10 19

Take the D704 to Nexon and then the D15 towards Les Cars for 1km.

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Lake of Saint Pardoux

Recreational lakes | RAZES | 05 55 71 04 40

The Lake of Saint-Pardoux, Haute-Vienne’s largest artificial Lake and second largest in Limousin, represents more than 330 hectares of pure and natural water. Everything is available to satisf…

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The Stone of Nine Steps

Natural sites | SOUBREBOST | 05 55 64 12 20

Situated on the summit of Puy Maria, the highest face of this 3-metre rock is hollowed out with two basins that are linked. Nine rough steps have to be climbed to get to it. If it is accepted…

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