Limousin wilderness


In Limousin, our wilderness is unspoilt. Discover our lakes, caves, tunnels and panoramas... 

The Chavanon Valley

Natural sites | MERLINES

Access via Merlines. Running along the border between the Corrèze and Puy-de-Dôme départements, the delightful Chavanon valley is of exceptional geological, ecological and botanical interest (…

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La Butte de Frochet

Natural sites | VAL D'ISSOIRE | 05 55 68 12 79

La 'Butte de frochet' (hillock of Frochet, is a natural area offering ecological as welle as fauna and flora interests. Is is a mineral backbone of white quartz, themnants of the hydrothermal…

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Drouilles Forest

Natural sites | DONTREIX | 05 55 67 17 13

Forest of Druids and mistletoe oaks, Drouilles Forest harbours numerous megaliths which were the places of Celtic rituals and, later, those of the Christians (St Julien procession). It's a mag…

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Augerolles Waterfalls

Natural sites | SAINT PARDOUX MORTEROLLES | 05 55 64 12 20

Moors, peat bogs, waterfalls and mills follow one another in this 50-hectare wild space characteristic of the Plateau de Millevaches. Intepretation trail and, for the children, a treasure hunt…

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Montet pound

Recreational lakes | BOUSSAC BOURG | 05 55 65 05 95

Running, walking, fishing, doing exercises around the Etang du Montet ..... You can also picnic there and a games area at the entrance is reserved for children.

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Les Aubarèdes la Riviera Limousine

Recreational lakes | ALTILLAC | 05 19 98 01 99

5 ha lake on Dordogne river : unsupervised swimming, fishing. Canoeing and kayaking centre and water sports centre with swiming-pool nearby. River trips on traditional flat bottomed "gabares".…

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Etang du Moulin

Recreational lakes | CAMPS SAINT MATHURIN LEOBAZEL | 05 55 28 53 15

Pond of 2ha with a supervised swimming on afternoon during summer, fishing, children'sgames. Pedalo and kayak hiring. Start for hiking trail. Touristic information point open 7 days/7.

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Etang de Maurianges

Recreational lakes | CHAUMEIL | 05 55 21 34 11

1-hectare lake: Supervised swimming, fishing. Paragliding school and take-off sites nearby.

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Plan d'eau de Saint Yrieix la Perche

Recreational lakes | SAINT YRIEIX LA PERCHE | 05 55 08 88 88

Take the D704 to St Yrieix.

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Les Pierres Jaumâtres

Natural sites | TOULX SAINTE CROIX | 05 55 65 05 95

Giant pebbles. A sacrificial altar, the Dieu du Tonnerre (God of Thunder) stones and those of La Guerre (the War), La Bascule (the Seesaw), Les Pains de sucre (the Sugar Loaves)… the Pierres…

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