Limousin wilderness


In Limousin, our wilderness is unspoilt. Discover our lakes, caves, tunnels and panoramas... 

The Miller Stone

Natural sites | SAINT LEGER LA MONTAGNE | 05 55 76 09 28

It has a superb panoramic view over the Mazeau.

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Marchedieu site

Natural sites | AUBUSSON | 05 55 66 32 12

Overlooking the town, the Chapitre site was where the Château stood, one of the most important in the centre of France in the Middle Ages. Today, all that rests is two walls of the keep. The s…

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Jarrauds Waterfall

Natural sites | SAINT MARTIN CHATEAU | 05 55 64 12 20

Third listed site in the Creuse Département for the beauty of its landscape, this 15 m-high waterfall has an unusual history closely linked to that of the electrification of Bourganeuf. In 188…

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Lac du Deiro

Recreational lakes | EGLETONS | 05 55 93 00 36

11 ha lake : Supervised swimming, fishing, children’s games, beach-soccer. Pédalos, canoë-kayak and bark on hire at the holiday village. Hiking and VTT hiking.

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The Mazure Peat Bog

Natural sites | ROYERE DE VASSIVIERE | 05 55 54 04 95

Site situated between the municipalities of Monteil au Vicomte, Royère de Vassivière and St-Pierre-Bellevue. One of the region’s most remarkable sites in terms of unspoilt habitats but also du…

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La Butte de Frochet

Natural sites | VAL D'ISSOIRE | 05 55 68 12 79

La 'Butte de frochet' (hillock of Frochet, is a natural area offering ecological as welle as fauna and flora interests. Is is a mineral backbone of white quartz, themnants of the hydrothermal…

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Monts de Blond

Natural sites | BLOND

The granite mountain of 'Monts de Blond' is the first mountain rang of 'Massif Central'. This granite hill line holds listed sites with rich fauna and flora. The great amount of rivulets favo…

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Thaurion Valley

Natural sites | CHATELUS LE MARCHEIX | 05 55 62 68 35

Discover the wealth of the flora and fauna of the protected natural zone (otter, common heron, kingfisher, dipper, yellow wagtail).

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Bramefan moors

Natural sites | ROUSSAC

Bramefan (9 hectares) is handled since 2000 by the Regional Conservatory of Natural Areas. It belongs the last dry heathland present in the Northwest of the department, close to the "plateau o…

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Montet pound

Recreational lakes | BOUSSAC BOURG | 05 55 65 05 95

Running, walking, fishing, doing exercises around the Etang du Montet ..... You can also picnic there and a games area at the entrance is reserved for children.

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