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Musée de la Sénatorerie

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Limoges War Resistance Museum

Museums | LIMOGES | 05 55 45 84 44

The War Resistance Museum, in the heart of historical Limoges, opened in 1989. A collection of weapons, objects and authentic documents are used to depict the different forms and actions of th…

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Museum of Limoges Distilleries

Museums | LIMOGES CEDEX 2 | 05 55 77 23 57

For almost two centuries, Limoges was the city of distilleries. Major trading hub, the city received cognac, armagnac, rum, liqueur wines, cane sugar, fruits, plants and spices, essential for…

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Guéret Museum

Museums | GUERET | 05 55 52 37 98

An unsuspected wealth. Far from the image of dusty provincial museums, Guéret Museum is a treasure trove of little wonders. It knows how to be eclectic and interesting even for children. The l…

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Exposition sur l'Yssandonnais

Permanent exhibitions and collections | OBJAT | 05 55 24 08 80

Permanent exhibition about the region of Yssandonnais. Presentation of all the rural districts: history, architecture, economy and agriculture. Admission free during the opening hours of the…

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Heritage House

Museums | CROCQ | 05 55 67 49 02

In the shadow of two impressive mediaeval towers, in a 17th century building, Heritage House presents an exhibition on hide and fur working and another on mediaeval châteaux and fortresses…A c…

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La Pommerie - résidence d’artistes, expositions, conférences

Arts galleries | SAINT SETIERS | 06 38 68 39 32

La Pommerie proposes residences for art research and experimentation. Mainly focused on sound, the residence is also concerned with paying heed to the environnement in which it is settled as p…

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Museums | SAINT LEONARD DE NOBLAT | 05 55 56 11 12

Here is the story of the railway in the region with its loco-tractor Moyse colled the "horned beast", its interactive ' Traversothèque' ... You can also try to drive a train with the computer…

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Eglise-musée de Saint-Genest

Permanent exhibitions and collections | CUREMONTE | 05 55 91 09 94

Predominantly religious museum housed in the superbly restored Romanesque church of Saint-Genest, in a hamlet 1.5km from the town. Open in July and August, 10am-7pm; at other times of year, 11…

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Musée de la Résistance

Museums | PEYRAT LE CHATEAU | 05 55 69 40 23

Situated in 3 renovated rooms near the old square tower of Peyrat le Château, the Museum of Resistance proposes an exhibition constituted of texts and pictures, weapons and varied objects, tes…

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Chamalot résidence d'artistes

Arts galleries | MOUSTIER VENTADOUR | 05 55 93 05 90

The association Chamalot-Residence Artists, founded in 2006 by two enthusiasts of contemporary art, has set itself the objective of fostering exchanges between artists and audiences, organizin…

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