Limousin heritage

Musée de la Sénatorerie

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Exhibition of works of art by trade corporations

Permanent exhibitions and collections | BRIVE LA GAILLARDE | 06 08 89 37 44

Exhibition of around 100 models of works of art created by various trade corporations specialising in wood, leather, copper and ironwork. Open by prior arrangement at least one week in advance…

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The Fine Arts Museum of Limoges

Museums | LIMOGES | 05 55 45 98 10

This large 18th-century-style building, designed by the Brousseau brothers, used to be the town's Bishop palace. The building was also used as a fire station as well as a hospital. It was res…

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Espace Météorite Paul Pellas

Museums | ROCHECHOUART | 05 55 03 02 70

Let's discover the story of the big meteorite of Rochechouart with : Explanation pannels, pictures, artists' representation of the scene, interactive model, collection of meteorites, videos...…

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The Traditional Butchers' House

Museums | LIMOGES | 05 55 34 46 87

The Traditional Butcher's House is located in the picturesque Butchers' Quarters. It is one of 52 houses built in the early 13th century and is dedicated to the butchery trade. Nowadays, it is…

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Insect City : Museum and park

Museums | NEDDE | 05 55 04 02 55

2016 ! It's our 10th anniversary! Set off on a fun, interactive and magical journey to discover the fascinating world of insects! Visitors of all ages will enjoy the surprising experience of…

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The International Centre for Art and Landscape

Arts galleries | BEAUMONT DU LAC | 05 55 69 27 27

A lighthouse in an ocean of greenery. The International Centre of Art and Landscape houses four contemporary art exhibitions as well as the Limousin art lending library, a specialised library…

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Limoges War Resistance Museum

Museums | LIMOGES | 05 55 45 84 44

The War Resistance Museum, in the heart of historical Limoges, opened in 1989. A collection of weapons, objects and authentic documents are used to depict the different forms and actions of th…

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Espace Paul Rebeyrolle

Arts galleries | EYMOUTIERS | 05 55 69 58 88

Paul Rebeyrolle Eymoutiers born in 1926, has emerged as one of the major painters in the French art of the twentieth century. Her powerful work, sometimes violent is a call to freedom, rebelli…

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Maison de la Sirène, including the reconstruction of an early-20C interior

Permanent exhibitions and collections | COLLONGES LA ROUGE | 07 82 27 41 39

Built in the 16C, this house owes its name to a decorative detail in its stonework - a mermaid holding a comb in one hand and mirror in the other. This typical Collonges house displays collect…

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Maison de Pays des Monédières

Permanent exhibitions and collections | CHAUMEIL | 05 55 21 21 24

Situated in the heart of the Massif des Monédières, this centre hosts themed exhibitions and tempory events, as well as an area where visitors can learn more about the local landscape, buy lo…

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