Limousin heritage

Musée de la Sénatorerie

Discover Limousin culture and creations in our museums, art centres, exhibitions workshops... 

The medieval farms

Museums | SAINT JULIEN AUX BOIS | 05 55 28 31 30

This open-air museum has recreated with great accuracy a group of thatched cottages in their natural environment of gardens and orchards. Affording superb views of the Auvergne mountains, this…

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Maison du Patrimoine

Permanent exhibitions and collections | ARGENTAT SUR DORDOGNE | 05 55 28 06 16

A local history museum covering the period from protohistory to the 20C, with particular emphasis on the vital role of roads and the Dordogne river over the centuries. Themed panels and showca…

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Chamalot résidence d'artistes

Arts galleries | MOUSTIER VENTADOUR | 05 55 93 05 90

The association Chamalot-Residence Artists, founded in 2006 by two enthusiasts of contemporary art, has set itself the objective of fostering exchanges between artists and audiences, organizin…

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The Weaver’s House

Museums | AUBUSSON | 05 55 66 32 12

See a tapestry woven, discover the interior of a weaver's home - a 16th century turreted building - its period furniture, admire the ancient or modern masterpieces as well as thier cartoons wh…

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The Fine Arts Museum of Limoges

Museums | LIMOGES | 05 55 45 98 10

This large 18th-century-style building, designed by the Brousseau brothers, used to be the town's Bishop palace. The building was also used as a fire station as well as a hospital. It was res…

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Mining Museum Urêka

Museums | BESSINES SUR GARTEMPE | 05 32 09 05 60

A world first in mining museums, this is a completely new journey of discovery into uranium and its mining. 3D and other modern techniques are used to go from the way underground to the relate…

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Aviation Museum Creuse Air Memorial

Museums | BELLEGARDE EN MARCHE | 05 55 67 52 14

Homage to Creuse aviators through different collections : models, photos, documents, medals…A hall dedicated to the memory of Maryse Bastie, room reproducing an aircraft cabin.

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Pouligny Tilery

Museums | CHENIERS | 05 55 62 19 61

The fire, earth ... but also water and, above all, know-how. The Limousin sub-soil hides large clay seams. Local crafts developed around earth and it's possible to find roofs covered in tiles…

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Départemental Tapestry Museum

Museums | AUBUSSON | 05 55 66 66 66

The Cité internationale de la tapisserie opened in summer 2016 in the building of the former National School of Decorative Art in Aubusson entirely rehabilitated : 1200 sq. meters of exhibitio…

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Espace minéralogique 'Minéraux Couleurs Nature'

Museums | EYMOUTIERS | 05 55 69 27 74

A space of 100 sq.m. with mineralogical collection of minerals and fossils from around the world as well as rare minerals from Limousin. Discover the basement of our planet ... ! 40 displays a…

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