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Musée de la Sénatorerie

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Musée du pays d'Ussel

Museums | USSEL | 05 55 72 54 69

Opened in 1976, the Musée de France is dedicated to the history, arts and traditions of the Ussel region, which lies between the Millevaches Plateau, the Triouzoune Valley and the Upper Dordog…

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Guéret Museum

Museums | GUERET | 05 55 52 37 98

An unsuspected wealth. Far from the image of dusty provincial museums, Guéret Museum is a treasure trove of little wonders. It knows how to be eclectic and interesting even for children. The l…

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Musée Gay-Lussac

Museums | SAINT LEONARD DE NOBLAT | 05 55 56 25 06

This municipal museum is dedicated to Gay Lussac (1778-1850), a chemist scientist who was born in Saint Léonard de Noblat. Here are to be seen, personal clothes, laboratory instruments, books…

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Museum of Limoges Distilleries

Museums | LIMOGES CEDEX 2 | 05 55 77 23 57

For almost two centuries, Limoges was the city of distilleries. Major trading hub, the city received cognac, armagnac, rum, liqueur wines, cane sugar, fruits, plants and spices, essential for…

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Départemental Tapestry Museum

Museums | AUBUSSON | 05 55 66 66 66

The Cité internationale de la tapisserie opened in summer 2016 in the building of the former National School of Decorative Art in Aubusson entirely rehabilitated : 1200 sq. meters of exhibitio…

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The International Centre for Art and Landscape

Arts galleries | BEAUMONT DU LAC | 05 55 69 27 27

A lighthouse in an ocean of greenery. The International Centre of Art and Landscape houses four contemporary art exhibitions as well as the Limousin art lending library, a specialised library…

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Maison des moulins

Permanent exhibitions and collections | PEYRAT LE CHATEAU | 05 55 69 26 05

14 big animated models of mills in the 1/10th scale, in a natural setting. Flower, paper mills, hydraulic sawmill, etc... Guided tours of 1hour and 15 minutes.


from 4.50

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Le Moulin du Got paper mill: paper and printing museum

Museums | SAINT LEONARD DE NOBLAT | 05 55 57 18 74

"Le Moulin du Got" paper mill is the last living testimony of Limousin's 17th century paper industry. It has brought old-fashioned skills back to life. The mill produces handmade paper, art ca…

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René Baubérot museum

Museums | CHATEAUPONSAC | 05 87 59 51 18

Ethnographic and archeological museum situated in the historical centre of Châteauponsac. The museum was founded in 1942 and set up in a former Benedictine priory. The priory was restored in…

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Ecomuseum 'Nostalgie Rurale'

Museums | MONTROL SENARD | 05 55 68 12 79

The itinerary 'Nostalgie Rurale' evokes rural life at the turn of the 20th in genuine places : - the house 'Chabatz d'entrar' ans its cowshed and cellar, the bakehouse, - the washhouse, the…

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