Limousin know-how

Meet the talented craftspeople who give Limousin its international reputation and excellence. 

Atelier Guillot Patrick

Know-how | AUBUSSON | 05 55 66 39 09

Design, production and sale of tapestries (ancient, modern and traditional imitations) and rugs (patterned and Savonnerie). Large tapestries and rugs made to order.

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Esprit Porcelaine

Know-how | LIMOGES | 05 87 70 13 86

Créateurs de bijoux en céramique : bagues, bracelets...

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Relieur : Elsa Montaudon

Know-how | LIMOGES

A workshop on the banks of the Vienne, where all aspects of an ancestral work can be seen : manual binding, restauration and creation.

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Glass jewelry Mrs and Mr BIDAUD

Know-how | ROUSSAC | 05 55 68 77 10

The Bidaud Couple do not like to make things like everyone else, so naturally they create their own models, playing with colors and assemblies to offer unique pieces of jewelry. Necklaces, rin…

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Poterie de Reconsat

Know-how | CHENIERS | 06 89 26 25 53

Solen welcomes you in his workshop to make discover you its work of artist potter.

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Médard de Noblat - La table de Limoges

Know-how | LE VIGEN | 05 55 75 31 81

The Médard de Noblat Museum presents exceptional pieces, at the heart of an original exhibition space design. The objects are displayed in a Neo-Baroque setting. During this tour, a film will…

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Thierry Gorse workshop

Know-how | BUSSIERE SAINT GEORGES | 06 14 30 79 77

Workshop of architectural miniatures (dovecotes, mills, houses)

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Porcelain Pavilion - Haviland Museum

Company visits | LIMOGES | 05 55 30 21 86

David Haviland was very fond of Limousin's "white gold". He started his business in 1842. It specialised in dinnerware and decorative porcelain, particularly in handmade gold incrustation. Th…

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Accord bois et châtaignier

Know-how | BUSSIERE GALANT | 05 55 78 71 96

Serge and Chantal Chevrier work the chestnut in the ancient ways, developing the many creative possibilities of this mythical tree.

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Institute of Porcelain Arts and Techniques of Limoges

Know-how | LIMOGES | 05 55 34 58 61

Guided tour presenting the whole history of Limoges porcelain. Twenty three themes where references of the past from private collections mix with porcelain events of today. The passion of thre…

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