Limousin know-how

Meet the talented craftspeople who give Limousin its international reputation and excellence. 

Bruno Mercier

Know-how | LIMOGES | 05 55 10 93 13

L'entreprise Bruno Mercier est spécialisé dans la vente de bijoux en porcelaine de Limoges exclusivement, tous fabriqués et décorés localement. La porcelaine comme support à la création d’une…

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Atelier de Marion

Know-how | SAINT SULPICE LE DUNOIS | 06 56 71 04 69

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Custom furniture

Know-how | LEYRAT | 06 98 10 33 58

Designer - Custom furniture, chairs, kitchen, bathroom, stairs, bread boards, etc .......

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Céramiste : Poterie des Monédières

Know-how | SARRAN | 05 55 21 39 14

Nathalie Mazelier brings the earth to life; earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. Secret fring techniques, raku and burnished clay, surprising créations that could also have come from a mediev…

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L'Oeil et la main (Eye and hand)

Know-how | FRESSELINES | 06 81 87 07 36

Art and crafts gallery, written work, exhibitions (sculpture, peinting, ceramics, leather, books…) The gallery proposes courses (peinting, modelling, LandArt, writing…), events (exhibitions,…

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Relieur : Elsa Montaudon

Know-how | LIMOGES

A workshop on the banks of the Vienne, where all aspects of an ancestral work can be seen : manual binding, restauration and creation.

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Porcelaine Jacques Pergay

Know-how | AIXE SUR VIENNE | 05 55 70 19 84

Jacques Pergay Porcelain is a manufacture located just outside of Aixe sur Vienne, on the Perigord-Limousin road. Everything here is hand made: from molds to firing and decoration of the piece…

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Atelier l'Ecole Buissonnière

Know-how | SAINT FRION | 05 55 66 55 03

authorized by the Direction des musées de France, Carole saint-cirq provides cleaning, restoration and conservation of tapisserie and ancient textiles to contemporary (embroideries, silks, cur…

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copperware golsmith

Know-how | CUBLAC | 09 71 20 69 62

jean boisserie creates, by hand hammer , pièces in copper, pewter, sheet bronze, silver and gold. he reproduces archaeological objects or fabricates original pieces

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painting workshop ' la brézentine'

Know-how | CROZANT | 05 55 00 27 90

Liliane Rouffignat is the painter of the "poetic reality", walking in the Crozant's Painters' steps. Enchanted by nature, she tries to show us all the emotions, the truth, the beautifull, the…

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