Paths and trails

If you enjoy taking walks and hiking, Limousin is the place for you! Come discover our 6.200 kms of hiking trails conveniently located right in the centre of France.

Des Brandes aux pâtureaux

Hiking footpath | VIERSAT

This circuit travels the countryside by crossing places steeped in history on the tracks of the doctor archaeologist Jean-François Baraillon, who was the first one to study them

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A walk around St Pierre le Bost

Hiking footpath | SAINT PIERRE LE BOST | 05 55 65 05 95

Distance: 7 km - Duration: 1h45 - Level: easy. You can discover the church, a remarkable carved cross on the 2 sides, a laundry, 2 decks of the old railway Champillet-Lavaufranche.

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Le Champaillier

Hiking footpath | LEPAUD

This tour takes you from ponds in forests , moors meadows on the ways in which successive panoramas on the hills of Toulx-Sainte-Croix in the north and the Auvergne mountains southeast

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Circuit des tuileries

Hiking footpath | GOUZON | 05 55 62 26 92

Distance: 12 km Duration: 3h45 Level: Medium A picturesque walk through the bocage of the plain of Gouzon. Along the way, you will walk along the quiet stream of the Voueize, lined with old mi…

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