Paths and trails

If you enjoy taking walks and hiking, Limousin is the place for you! Come discover our 6.200 kms of hiking trails conveniently located right in the centre of France.

Circuit Vélo d'Evaux les Bains à Chénérailles

Hiking footpath | EVAUX LES BAINS | 05 55 65 50 90

You are in full heart of Combrailles, rocked between a remarkable historical and religious heritage, and a natural environment there where the presence of the water is strongly marked. Of Evau…

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Des Brandes aux pâtureaux

Hiking footpath | VIERSAT

This circuit travels the countryside by crossing places steeped in history on the tracks of the doctor archaeologist Jean-François Baraillon, who was the first one to study them

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Le Moulin de Farouilles

Hiking footpath | CHAMBON SUR VOUEIZE

This circuit , which intersects the Tardes , takes you from village to village to discover the discreet charm of the old industrial heritage of the Creuse are our mills. In Combraille their im…

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The shore trail

Hiking footpath | BEAUMONT DU LAC | 05 55 69 76 70

30 km trail for walking or mountain biking around Vassivière Lake. As well as the land part that winds through woods and moors, the novelty of this trail lies in the walkways on pontoons to en…

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Hiking footpath | LIGNEYRAC | 06 17 37 22 92

Couples, families or friends, an original way to discover the southern Correze. Walks or hikes in the company of a donkey. 8 channels in the heart of a nature rpéservée. 2 hours, half day, ful…

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Circuit des tuileries

Hiking footpath | GOUZON | 05 55 62 26 92

Distance: 12 km Duration: 3h45 Level: Medium A picturesque walk through the bocage of the plain of Gouzon. Along the way, you will walk along the quiet stream of the Voueize, lined with old mi…

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The Bert

Hiking footpath | VIGNOLS

Go ahead the old slate quarries (Natura 2000 site). A view on the circuit, the highest of seven viaducts remarquable structure built in 1872. It has 8 arches which are 25 m, for a length of 28…

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Au hasard des rues

Hiking footpath | CHAMBON SUR VOUEIZE

This city tour will take you to discover the old city and its history

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Brandes et Bois Saint-Martial

Hiking footpath | BUDELIERE

This rustic path that skirts the wood of Marsat to discover the patient work of humans who over the centuries have drawn lines of communication , created ponds, dug wells and ponds , planted h…

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Causse lake hills

Hiking footpath | LISSAC SUR COUZE

Discover near of the Lake of Causse across varying geological areas due to the presence of the faults of Lissac and Meyssac. Admire many buildings across the authentic hamlets and take advanta…

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