Paths and trails

If you enjoy taking walks and hiking, Limousin is the place for you! Come discover our 6.200 kms of hiking trails conveniently located right in the centre of France.


Hiking footpath | LIGNEYRAC | 06 17 37 22 92

Couples, families or friends, an original way to discover the southern Correze. Walks or hikes in the company of a donkey. 8 channels in the heart of a nature rpéservée. 2 hours, half day, ful…

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Permanent orienteering course

Hiking footpath | VOUTEZAC | 05 55 84 73 54

Around tje Lombertie site, 3 courses of 2.4 km, 3.5 km and 7.2 km with different levels of difficulty. Approvals for youth and sport and national education. Groups from 6 to 16 people. Supervi…

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Goat Trail

Hiking footpath | MALLERET BOUSSAC | 05 55 65 05 95

Distance: 9.00 km - Duration: 2h30 - Level: easy. You can discover the valley of the Petite Creuse river and the Castle Chevrier. A good walk in the countryside !!

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Circuit Pédestre N°42 Les rochers de Bord

Hiking footpath | EVAUX LES BAINS | 05 55 65 50 90

Distance: 6,5 km Duration: 2:30 am Level: easy It is by a small way of goats, lined with the forest of box tree, that this circuit entails you in a wild set of gorges, where still remains the…

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Entre Tardes et Voueize

Hiking footpath | CHAMBON SUR VOUEIZE

You will walk from one river to the other following the valleys , which offer now under the view of an isolated valley , sometimes beautiful vistas of the valleys.

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Causse and valley

Hiking footpath | CHARTRIER FERRIERE

Welcome to Corrézien Causse. Initially you follow this course you will discover the forest Couzage, the circus Ladoue, then you can stroll on the 'circum lake' 'along the lake and then you wil…

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Les Gorges de la Voueize

Hiking footpath | CHAMBON SUR VOUEIZE | 05 55 82 15 89

An escapade at the heart of the site protected from the Gorges of Voueize, where live within a luxuriant flora the weasel, the kingfisher and the otter in the rare tracks.

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Hiking footpath | SAINT SOLVE

Beautiful views throughout the circuit. The passage on the way called "Marquise" is remarquable because the path follows perfectly the crest of hills; the daughter of the Marquis of Pompadour…

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Huit from Couze to the Tourmente

Hiking footpath | JUGEALS NAZARETH | 05 55 85 90 53

On the plateau, the Gallo-Roman road through the village was a principal axis. In the Middle Ages merchants, pilgrims, armies, royals came under a small but historic porch: until 1738 it was a…

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Pedestrian circuit Mas Saint Jean SD2

Hiking footpath | SAINT SULPICE LE DUNOIS | 05 55 89 24 61

Hiking trail runs with discovery of a chapel of XII ème century with situated nearby a remarkable classified lime tree.

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