Paths and trails

If you enjoy taking walks and hiking, Limousin is the place for you! Come discover our 6.200 kms of hiking trails conveniently located right in the centre of France.

Le Pâtural fleuri

Hiking footpath | LEPAUD

With this tour you will not leave quasiement not seen the village of Lépaud whose name ( the pal : piles ) recalls a fence , a fortification

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A walk around St Pierre le Bost

Hiking footpath | SAINT PIERRE LE BOST | 05 55 65 05 95

Distance: 7 km - Duration: 1h45 - Level: easy. You can discover the church, a remarkable carved cross on the 2 sides, a laundry, 2 decks of the old railway Champillet-Lavaufranche.

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Pierres Fades discovery trail - Saint-Marc-à-Loubaud

Hiking footpath | SAINT MARC A LOUBAUD | 05 55 67 97 90

A loop of 3 km exposes the rocky chaos of the Fades Stones and the traditional organisation of a village (Le Chertrain). The natural and constructed heritage along the length of the circuit al…

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Circuit Pédestre N°42 Les rochers de Bord

Hiking footpath | EVAUX LES BAINS | 05 55 65 50 90

Distance: 6,5 km Duration: 2:30 am Level: easy It is by a small way of goats, lined with the forest of box tree, that this circuit entails you in a wild set of gorges, where still remains the…

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Les confitures de Bayards

Hiking footpath | SAINT JULIEN LA GENETE

In the footsteps of the Bayard horse, this circuit is for hikers who want to combine the pleasure of the eyes than the taste buds

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The kingdom of heron

Hiking footpath | SAINT MARIEN | 05 55 65 05 95

Distance: 16 km Duration: 4h30 - Level: Medium. You can discover ponds Bornet, the cross of the Motte and Beaune and a point of view from the Pierre Roche.

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Hiking footpath | DOURNAZAC

The Land of Burgou - Here you are in the “Pays des Feuillardiers”, the land of chestnut trees, which is also the land of Burgou’s gang, a famous robber who, they say, robbed the rich to give t…

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Circuit stones and legend

Hiking footpath | COMPREIGNAC | 05 55 36 71 16

This original circuit will let you discover some of the multiple legendary rocks which our forests conserve in the shelter of the regards. You will also get to know the Tortue, the Cœur...

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Le Fressineau

Hiking footpath | NOUHANT

This circuit allows to observe outside the castle "Le Fressineau " and browse the communal and departmental boundaries between " Combraille Creusoise " and " Combraille Bournonnaise "

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Pedestrian circuit Mas Saint Jean SD2

Hiking footpath | SAINT SULPICE LE DUNOIS | 05 55 89 24 61

Hiking trail runs with discovery of a chapel of XII ème century with situated nearby a remarkable classified lime tree.

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