Paths and trails

If you enjoy taking walks and hiking, Limousin is the place for you! Come discover our 6.200 kms of hiking trails conveniently located right in the centre of France.

Circuit des Moulins

Hiking footpath | GOUZON | 05 55 62 26 92

Distance: 12 km Duration: 3h45 Level: Medium A picturesque walk through the bocage of the plain of Gouzon. Along the way, you will walk along the quiet stream of the Voueize, lined with old mi…

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Sentier de découverte des landes de Gioux

Hiking footpath | CROZE | 05 55 67 97 90

Ce sentier vous propose de découvrir les différents aspects des landes de Gioux : la découverte d’un milieu naturel typique du plateau de Millevaches, à savoir les landes à bruyères. Thèmes ab…

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Gioux heath discovery trail

Hiking footpath | GIOUX | 05 55 67 97 90

Two discovery walks leaving from the Maisonnières Gallo-Roman ruins lead to the exploration of Gioux Heath. The short circuit (5 km) incites discovery of the heath part; the longer (12 km) als…

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Circuit Pédestre N°41 L’Arbre du Loup

Hiking footpath | SANNAT | 05 55 65 50 90

Distance: 13 km Duration: 3:30 am Level: way Leave crossing wood of Evaux! The mythical site of Arbre-du-Loup, where raises itself an oak encircled tercentenary, was fitted out to offer to th…

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La Brande de Landes

Hiking footpath | LUSSAT

You are in a part of the Basin Gouzon . Over time , men have improved, transformed this area of limited resources to take advantage . You will rub all these developments all along your hike. Y…

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Crozes foutain

Hiking footpath | VOUTEZAC

After leaving the picturesque village of Voutezac, the course weaves through the gorges of Vaysse which hides the fountain of Crozes. One gateway to another, you will plunge into the wildernes…

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Circuit des Etangs

Hiking footpath | LUSSAT

This tour allows you to discover seven ponds, all different. Formerly, each Gallo-Roman villa and every lord, every monastery had its pond, to ensure the production of fish or serve as a water…

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Discover the wind turbine

Hiking footpath | BUSSIERE SAINT GEORGES | 05 55 65 05 95

Distance: 6.5 km Duration: 2h00 - Level: easy. You will discover a wind turbine between Le Sapin and Couchardon.

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Pedestrian circuit In the steps of Monet

Hiking footpath | FRESSELINES | 05 55 89 24 61

The path invites the walker to follow the artist on a short loop of 3 km, marked out by bookmark which present the works of Monet and the extracts of letters sent to his friends, his partner ...

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Les Eaux Bois

Hiking footpath | RETERRE

Fees undergrowth gurgling streams, the tour takes you from village to legends the border of deep and mysterious Combraille

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