Paths and trails

If you enjoy taking walks and hiking, Limousin is the place for you! Come discover our 6.200 kms of hiking trails conveniently located right in the centre of France.

Le Moulin de Farouilles

Hiking footpath | CHAMBON SUR VOUEIZE

This circuit , which intersects the Tardes , takes you from village to village to discover the discreet charm of the old industrial heritage of the Creuse are our mills. In Combraille their im…

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Crozes foutain

Hiking footpath | VOUTEZAC

After leaving the picturesque village of Voutezac, the course weaves through the gorges of Vaysse which hides the fountain of Crozes. One gateway to another, you will plunge into the wildernes…

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Les Bois d'Evaux

Hiking footpath | EVAUX LES BAINS

Circuit that reveals all hedgerow aspects of the region: wood, grazing , gorges and valley streams. Although it has a few lengths of paved road

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Route des Diligences

Hiking footpath | CHAMBON SUR VOUEIZE

This tour allows you to discover the immediate vicinity of the village by following part of the itinerary were taking stagecoaches towards Budelière . It offers a magnificent view over the tow…

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Le Pâtural fleuri

Hiking footpath | LEPAUD

With this tour you will not leave quasiement not seen the village of Lépaud whose name ( the pal : piles ) recalls a fence , a fortification

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Circuit Vélo "Véloroute Est Creuse"

Hiking footpath | BOUSSAC | 05 55 65 05 95

168 kms to ride alone, with family or friends to discover the hidden treasures from Boussac to the Millevaches plateau, passing by Chambon/V., Evaux, Aubusson and Felletin. The cycle route con…

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Causse and valley

Hiking footpath | CHARTRIER FERRIERE

Welcome to Corrézien Causse. Initially you follow this course you will discover the forest Couzage, the circus Ladoue, then you can stroll on the 'circum lake' 'along the lake and then you wil…

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Permanent orienteering courses

Hiking footpath | CHAMBERET | 07 86 28 28 99

Permanent orienteering courses at L’Arboretum (3 levels) and at Les Roches de Scoeux in Chamberet (4 levels). (accredited by the French Orienteering Federation). Various levels of difficulty.…

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Hiking footpath | DROUX | 05 55 68 59 15

Hiking: 2 and 11km. Features: Semme the valley and the Gartempe, mills, a heather moorland.

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Circuit Vélo "Véloroute Ouest Creuse"

Hiking footpath | CROZANT | 05 55 89 24 61

Crozant to St Martin Ste Catherine passing by La Souterraine, Grand-Bourg, Bénévent l’Abbaye, Châtelus le Marcheix.

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