In Aubusson, weavers use horizontal looms or “basse lisse” looms : this technique involves weaving on the rear side of the tapestry-in-the-making.

Weavers are artistic tradesmen/women whose task is to carry out projects thought up by artists. A great amount of skill is required . Jean Cocteau used to refer to weavers as “harpists”, juggling between the art of “textile translation” and the art of colours.

Many famous artists came to work in Aubusson : Dom Robert, Braque, Picasso, Le Corbusier, Léger, Cocteau, Lurçat, Vasarely, Kandinsky, Caldre, Dufy, Toffoli, Folon, the Delaunays, Garouste, Castelbajac, Zadkine, Pifarretti, Sarkis, Mosset, Stella, Bertrand Clément, Opalka… to name a few.

The brand new City of Tapestry: international tapestry museum

The City of Tapestry will open in 2016 and will greatly contribute to the revival of Aubusson tapestry. Various Aubusson productions will be exhibited here. It will be located in the old Decorative Art School . It will also be a wonderful workplace for young artists.

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