Pompadour : the horse town

Randonnée dans les Monts de Blond

Pompadour is one of Limousin’s oldest lordships. The town’s first castle was built in the 11th century by Guy Lastours. Geoffroy Hélie de Pompadour, President of the court of accounts under  Kings Louis XI and Charles VIII, had the castle demolished, and had a new one built in its place. King Louis XV acquired the estate and offered it to his « favourite » mistress, the famous Marquise de Pompadour. She is the person who created Pompadour’s stud farm.  Limousin is the birthplace of the Anglo-Arabian horse breed.

Pompadour bred horses are famous worldwide and several examples shine on the international equestrian scene (Fanny de la Tour). The Pompadour Great Eventing Week is Limousin's main horse breeding event. It greets the elite of the Anglo-Arabian race.
Pompadour's national stud farm and Mare-and-foal centre have contributed to Limousin's breeding fame and have made it a valued sports and vacation spot.

Be sure to visit :

- The Marquise gardens and stables.
- Pompadour’s national stud farm, home of the Anglo-Arabian horse breed.
- la Rivière horse nursery,
- The 1st category racecourse one of France’s finest
- La Chartreuse de Glandier, founded in 1219, which was destroed and rebuilt in the 19th c.  

And be sure not to miss Pompadour’s various Horse shows

 Web : www.les3tours-pompadour.info

Horseback riding

Concours de dressage

Our many riding trails take riders around Saint Pardoux Lake, across the heather moorland on the Millevaches Plateau, through the mysterious Blond hills in northern Haute-Vienne... In Alleyrat, take your family on a horse and carriage ride and picnic in the Creuse valley. Different packages are available for guests travelling alone, or with friends/family, with accommodation in bed and breakfasts and meals in local village restaurants. 

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