Gueret's wolf Park

Loups de Chabrières Tourisme Limousin

There used to be wolves in the Limousin forests. In the Chabrières wolf park, you can watch them in their natural habitat…. here, the pens are so large that the wolves behave exaclty the way they do in the great outdoors!

Come have a peak at the animals having their afternoon meal and discover the wolf museum and its interactive audioguides (English available).

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Le Reynou zoo park

Parc du Reynou

If you like animals, be sure not to miss Le Reynou zoo, near Limoges, where over 600 animals (130 species) from all over the world live in semi-freedom. (the two tigers in Jean-Jacques Annaud's film "Two brothers" were born here!) 

The Millevaches Regional Nature Park

PNR Millevaches

The Millevaches Regional Nature Park, a vast 314,000-hectare (over 775.000 acre) plateau, rising to an altitude of 1000 metres (3.280ft), takes visitors into a world of forests, heaths, peat bogs, ponds, lakes and rivers: a paradise with a wide variety of flora and fauna. From June to October, guided walks enable you to discover its varied landscapes and its inhabitants.

Villages, streams, pathways and little winding roads stretch into the distance in this natural landscape, with its ever-changing colours .

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The Périgord-Limousin Regional Nature Park


Split between two regions (Aquitaine and Limousin) this  park offers an endless list of things to do and to see : hiking trails, gold-panning, castle and fortress tours, chestnut theme activities, oil mill tours and even a gigantic (1.500m / 4.900ft) crater caused by a meteorite that hit Rochechouart 200 million years ago! With its rivers, bocages, valleys, chestnut forests, limestone plateaux (and orchids)... the park's landscapes are diverse and its flora and fauna are plentiful.

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100% natural !

Tourbière des Dauges

The presence of peat bogs and other natural habitats are proof of the region's "good health". In Limousin, there are  3 national nature reserves and 5 regional ones.

The Dauges peat bog  has a typically rich flora ; the Landes pond is home to 200 bird species ; Rochechouart's gigantic crater is one of the world's oldest meteorite impacts. The Coudert pond and Gioux reserve are dedicated to otter protection ; the Frétignes forests to protecting eagles ; the Monnerie swamps have a large butterfly population and at "Chez Roger", a Vienne valley hamlet, mountain plant species grow in harmony with meridional species.