The Ambazac Hills

Located east of the Marche hills, the Ambazac hills are part of the Central Massif foothills. This is a rustic area, where lobed-leaved and resineferous trees grow. Many vestiges of its rich past still remain (Gallic oppidums, the Grandmont Abbey...). These rolling hills are an ideal spot for mountain-biking, hiking and horseback-riding. Be sure to contact Ambazac Tourist Office for details and maps. Amabazac's big annual sports event is the "Course des Gendarmes et des Voleurs" ("Cops and Robbers race", which takes place in May.

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The Blond Hills and northern Haute-Vienne

Equitation dans les Monts de Blond

A mysterious and magical place where many legends exist : the Blond hills are home to numerous Neolithinc standing stones : the Puychaud dolmens, the Boscartus rocking stone, the Mushroom stone, the Fairy Rock hideout... There are many hiking/mountain-bike/ horseback riding trails and if you enjoy water sports, don't miss nearby Saint Pardoux lake.

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The Dordogne River: Limousin's Riviera!

Gorges de la Dordogne

From south to north, through valleys and gorges, the Dordogne river offers visitors thousands of activities. Its nature is both tame and turbulent.From Argentat to Beaulieu sur Dordogne, or Bort les Orgues, the Dordogne is a magical river where beauty reigns.


The river Creuse: an inspiration


The Creuse river inspired painters, from amateurs to the most renowned Impressionist artists (Guillaumin and Monet, to name just a few). They were attracted by the site’s picturesque landscapes. The river Creuse was also mentionned in several famous French poems.

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The majestic river Vienne

La Vienne à Limoges

Life seems to have built itself around the long and beautiful Vienne river that is omnipresent in Limousin.  Like many other rivers, the river Vienne takes its source on the Millevaches Plateau.

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